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Welcome to Notre Dame Academy

Notre Dame Academy, Bangalore, is a co-ed ICSE school managed and
run by the Sisters of Notre Dame. It is an extension of Sophia High School,
Bangalore, and is placed under the patronage of Mary, mother of Jesus.
The motto of our school is ‘Truth and Universal Love’.

Our school has a shared vision rooted in Jesus Christ, the master teacher.
And this vision is being unfolded through the powerful intercession of Mary,
Our Mother, the selfless and committed service of the staff.

Handing Over Ceremony - 20/12/22


Sr Prabha passes the torch to Sr Sandhya as Principal of NDA

Under the guidance of accomplished leadership, Notre Dame Academy has gone from strength to strength in the sphere of education and holistic learning. The Principal of NDA embodies integrity, wisdom, and compassion, virtues we teach and instill in our young students. Effective leadership has been crucial in attaining NDA’s educational goals, mission, and vision.

With an accomplished leader leading by example, the staff and the students are motivated to strive for the best. The reputation of NDA is a reflection of the school’s illustrious leader.

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Our Vision

Impelled by Jesus Christ and his mission and our rich educational heritage, we provide a Catholic-Christian environment of educational excellence for the transformation of individuals and society.

Our Motto

  1. We are grounded in the Word of God and share this source of light and strength.
  2. We cultivate a sense of the sacred and search for transcendence that leads to a deeper meaning in life.

Our Mission

  1. We appreciate, respect, and reverence the uniqueness of each individual and the diversity among all persons.
  2. We actively support a holistic education that encourages a positive sense of self-worth and the full development of the person.


Notre Dame Academy’s educational vision holds that students learn to love God above all and live with compassion, strength, and integrity when they experience our guiding principles woven throughout the fabric of the learning community. We focus on encouraging the children to utilize their talents and develop their intellectual and creative interests.

At NDA, we believe in providing quality education to our children and advocate planting challenges along the way of their growth, so that they can truly achieve comprehensive growth, not just inside the classroom, but also outside of it. 

Beyond Academics


At Notre Dame Academy, we believe that learning beyond the four walls of the classroom is indispensable to the students’ all-round development. It makes education wholesome catering not only to academics but also the signature strengths and passion of the students. Teaching students to recognize their potential, to pursue their passion, and to thrive in an ever-changing world, is of utmost priority at Notre Dame Academy. Students are exposed to Art, Music, Dance, Yoga, Sports, and Field Trips to cater to their aesthetic development. They are prepared to step outside into the world with more choices and more confidence.



We know that the school’s learning environment plays an important role in every student’s development and success. Hence, we put much care and consideration into the spaces we provide, making sure they are designed to nurture each student’s academic performance, curiosity and creativity.

Over the years, our campus buildings have evolved in step with the latest technologies and implement advanced teaching and learning styles. As all our facilities are intended to improve student health and engagement, we focus our attention on ensuring every building’s acoustics, lighting, size, temperature and air quality are ideally suited.


Student Life


The campus of Notre Dame Academy is deeply rooted in nature and its elements and because of the open design of the school, students better connect with their natural surroundings. The picturesque beauty of the school, its highly competent faculty, and the multitude of provisions for extra-curricular activities make Notre Dame Academy the perfect school for your child.


Admission Process

Application forms for Admission for the academic year 2021-2022 is available now. It can be downloaded from the school website

Step 1

Register yourself with a valid E-mail Id by providing required details.

Step 2

Proceed with the online payment of the Application fee of Rs.500/- through Credit Card or Net Banking Only.

Step 3

Kindly scan and upload the application form using same user name and password. Any false information given in the application form will result in rejection of the Application Form.



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