All for the Greater Honour & Glory of God



We know that the school’s learning environment plays an important role in every student’s development and success. Hence, we put much care and consideration into the spaces we provide, making sure they are designed to nurture each student’s academic performance, curiosity, and creativity.

Over the years, our campus buildings have evolved in step with the latest technologies and implement advanced teaching and learning styles. As all our facilities are intended to improve student health and engagement, we focus our attention on ensuring every building’s acoustics, lighting, size, temperature, and air quality are ideally suited.

Digital Classroom

All the classrooms are spacious, well ventilated, and equipped with comfortable sitting arrangements. Students are encouraged to decorate their classrooms and display their creative work on the boards. Each classroom is supported by a smartboard.

Knowledge Hub

The library has been designed to provide the children with a quiet and purposeful atmosphere for study and intellectually creative thought. The library is the main resource centre for students and can accommodate many students at a time. Students have access to a vast collection of fiction and non-fiction books, reference books, academic journals, periodicals, magazines, newspapers, and textbooks.

Apart from increasing students’ vocabulary, quickening their intelligence, and extending their general knowledge; inculcating, and equipping students’ minds with progressive thoughts is also of utmost importance in our school. Our digitized library is well-resourced with a wide array of books, magazines, and newsletters which is ever-expanding. It is a powerhouse of knowledge that is accessible to all students.

Experimental Hub

The science laboratory provides a space for experiential and hands-on learning for students.

Our school is equipped with fully functional and hands-on individual science labs – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer – which enhances the students’ interest, motivation, practical skills, and learning experience.

We believe in experience being the master of lessons. These labs are spacious, bright, and well-ventilated. They are well stocked with extensive practical equipment to cater to students individually and in groups. We have lab technicians to help our teachers and students.

Computer Lab

The computer laboratory has several computers with a dedicated broadband Internet connection for students. Student usage of media and technology are monitored and supervised by teachers.

We have two fully equipped Computer Labs – Senior and Junior Labs with modern facilities catering to the different age groups and requirements, enhancing age-appropriate eagerness to learn and use technology. Each is run by qualified and experienced computer faculty with one-on-one access.

Music Room


Music is given prime importance as part of the school curriculum.  Our school boasts of a highly accomplished music staff and a well-equipped music room on the school campus.  Every child is encouraged and nurtured to learn musical instruments.  The school staff and management are clearly aligned in the school’s vision of having a strong and consistently recognised music program within the school.

Play Ground

The school is proud of its huge playground and basketball court available to all students. The Early and Elementary Year students have a colorful and developmentally suited play area. The equipment is not only fun to use but also satisfies a child’s natural curiosity. The outdoor play area is safe for the little ones to enjoy.

The tiny tot’s open play area we provide is an essential safe space where children can be themselves and express their fun-loving nature while developing crucial cognitive, physical, social, and emotional skills. Open play is an essential part of our school. Children spend many hours of their day occupying themselves with what the playground has to offer. Our school’s playground with well-marked game activities and safe and inviting equipment provide increased motivation for children to participate in physical activity and become engaged in purposeful play.

Sick Bay

The room is well-stocked and equipped to handle minor injuries, allergies, and illnesses. Beds are available for rest and recuperation. There are hospitals nearby that are easily accessible in case of emergencies.


At NDA we recognize that the adolescent years can sometimes be difficult. We realize that the students are growing and need someone to hear them out at times. Some might miss their parents or even need advice. We are here to calm the storms, move away from the clouds, find the ray of hope and make their smiles shine bright. At NDA we provide a range of support programs for students to help deal with some of the difficulties. Our caring counseling staff and teachers are here to address the needs of our young learning population through the development of self-awareness, self-assurance, and resilience in our students.

We are always ready to support students or families if the need exists. Working collaboratively with students, our counselor builds strong relationships and confidential bonds with students, encouraging them to explore their feelings, actions, and relationships within the community. Students may self-refer or be referred by parents, teachers.

The NDA Counselling Centre is open to students throughout the day. Providing a helping hand and a listening ear to our students, the centre offers guidance with regard to study skills, time management, and personal issues.

School Band

NDA has an extremely well-trained school band. The School Band gives a display of its prowess on important occasions like Independence Day, Republic Day, and many more.

Mass/ Retreat

NDA believes in the importance of holistic education, one that provides academic rigour but does not neglect character development. Our aim is to nurture the whole child so that our students develop into well-adjusted, happy, and confident individuals with leadership abilities, sound moral values, a charitable spirit, and an appreciation for different cultures.


Notre Dame Academy has been constantly adding to its fleet of school busses which shuttle back and forth from all over the city and the school. Bus facilities are available for all the students. Our busses are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure the safety of our children.

Each bus is captained by an experienced driver with necessary background checks and licenses. Every bus trip is accompanied by a female staff to ensure maximum safety and security for our children. Busses are punctual and on time to pick up children from desired locations. Each bus has a GPS tracking system which is constantly monitored by our travel managers.         

Multi-purpose Hall

The school boasts a multi-purpose hall, used for all major school functions. The multi-purpose hall provides an ideal space for school assemblies, events, productions, minor games, and inter-school activities.