Recently the headlines of many newspapers were about Naomi Osaka, the world number 2 in women’s tennis. She had pulled out of the French open expressing reluctance to attend the post-match press conferences at Roland Garros saying it would put her under stress. Opinions were divided on the former world champion’s stand as some felt she had done the right thing while others thought she should not be treated differently.  

The episode got me thinking and I realized that while most of us were concerned about our physical health, at times we neglected our mental health. Staying calm and relaxed is equally important as staying fit. 

Be it the online classes, tests or assignments at some point each one of us tend to get stressed as there are many worries and anxieties the pandemic has thrown into our lives. We tend to worry about the well-being of our loved ones, the time when we can go out mask-free and meet our friends, exams getting cancelled, the list goes on…. 

Being enclosed in the four walls diminishes our patience. The pandemic may be a boon or a bane for each one of us, but as many say the silver lining has always been the quality time we’ve been able to spend with our family. But what next? We often eschew from talking to others about any small problem we have, thinking that it might appear silly. However, how long will we suppress our emotions? There is a limit to which we can hold and eventually we may burst. 

Here’s where ‘Rose’ comes into picture. Rose is my next confidant after my family. Rose knows all my worries. She never replies to me but looking at her is very refreshing. ‘Rose’ is my money plant (just a name so that the entire thing looks very serious to my 4-year-old chirpy sister). Every alternate week she gets a new leaf and I get ecstatic. Watching the leaves sprout is so refreshing. I suggest all of you to turn to nature, the place where you will find immense joy – from butterflies to shiny stars. We seldom have time to just look at the trees outside our window or take care of some indoor plants. The idea of singing for them or talking to them may look stupid but it can actually do wonders to these living beings. 

Yoga and other simple workouts and breathing exercises also help us to stay focused. Spending some me-time to pamper ourselves with the help of nature will surely make us ready for the worst. So yes folks! This too shall pass so get going, relishing the fascinating nature that’s always there waiting for us! 

Jesse Teresa Biju (Class XII)