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The House system is of great importance to school life. Students develop a sense of belonging and a feeling of unity in being a part of a specific house. Participating in various inter-house competitions not only give our students a chance to display their talents but also help them learn valuable lessons on teamwork.

The students of NDA belong to one of the four Houses- Julie, Lisette, Elting and Providence. The Houses are named after the founders, co-foundress, our spiritual father and Mary, the mother of Jesus. The house colours are Golden Yellow for Julie, Green for Lisette, Red for Elting and Blue for Providence.

Each House under its House Moderators, Captain and Vice-captain, tries to live up to the ideals of its patron.


Saint Julie Billiart (12 July 1751 – 8 April 1816) was a French religious leader and Catholic saint, who founded and was the first Superior General of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Notre Dame de Namur.

Saint Julie was a nun completely immersed in God’s love and goodness, even in the midst of great suffering. She was a woman of great vision who responded to the needs of the suffering world around her. Julie house is named after her. The house always strives to follow St. Julie’s principles like she once said “Whatever we are doing, we should often ask ourselves: How would Jesus have done this?”

The yellow colour of this house symbolises positivity, energy, optimism, loyalty and joy. The motto of the house is humility and simplicity. Humility and simplicity is something that makes a person to be loved and lovable and that enables an individual to be open to the grace and will of God.

Julie house did a wonderful performance under the leadership of Captain Michelle Rose Prasanth and Vice-Captain Reuel Anna Mathew guided by the house moderators Ms Rachel, Ms Shilpa, Ms Bincy, Ms Aparna S, Ms Krupal and Ms Deepa. The house always enjoyed a good competition with their fellow houses in studies, sports and co-curricular activities. Assemblies based on different themes like God’s Goodness, Chase Your Dreams, Be Joyful etc. were presented by Julie house during house assemblies. The Julie house has twice been awarded the overall championship title during Sports Day.

The Julie house added many more feathers to their hat by winning the 2nd prize for the Senior and Junior Girls Basketball Tournament and the 2nd prize for Junior Boys Football Tournament.

Julie house always accepts the things that come in their way with a prayerful mind and makes sure to walk with humility and simplicity in their hearts to embrace all that happens in their lives.


Saint Lisette Kueling ( 2nd January, 1889-1stApril, 1966), better known as Sister Mary Ignatia, was an Irish born American Religious Sister, belonging to the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine. She was a co-founder of the Sisters of Notre Dame. The Lisette House is named after her. Everything reminded her of God and spoke to her of God’s goodness. This house has the principle of St. Lisette, “ Glory to God and Service to All”, as its motto.

One of the greatest ways God glorifies himself is by calling and enabling us, his people, to glorify Him through our holy conduct. Service to others is a perennial source of inspiration to one and all. As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our happiness. When we are in service of our fellow beings, we are in the service of God.

The Green colour of this house represents prosperity, freshness and progress. Lisette house has given an indelible performance in school activities under the leadership of captain Hamsini and vice-captain Isa Thomas motivated by Sister Prabha and guided by house moderators Ms Chitra, Ms Shireen, Ms Vijay Shree, Ms Bharati and Ms Maya. The house has indomitable energy and commendable zeal to rise and shine.

The house has enthusiastically participated in sports and co-curricular activities and maintained a good equilibrium between studies and school activities. The house emerged Runners up in Inter-house football tournament for Boys (classes IV, VI, VII). Lisette house had conducted morning assemblies on themes like Self-Respect and God’s love which threw light on introspection and God’s omniscience.

The Lisette house has upheld the dignity of our alma mater by embracing the sublime ideas of Truth and Universal Love. The readiness of the house to serve all is, in fact, the main forte that captures a special place in everyone’s head and heart.


Elting house is the house named after Father Elting. He is the patron of the house and indeed he was a visionary. Although he was from a wealthy family he sacrificed all his wealth and embraced poverty. He had a compassionate heart and helped the poor. He strived to become like Christ through his words and deeds. His heart throbbed with love for the needy.

The motto of the house is truth and compassionate love. The house colour is red and it is symbolic of its motto. The house members strive to live up to their motto.

The house also tries to live up to the ideals of its patron by performing certain activities. Assemblies based on different themes like love, charity, honesty, teamwork, etc. and display of team spirit and exemplary sportsmanship during different activities are some ways by which they do so.

Under the leadership of house captain Francis Shabu Kammattil, vice-captain Sanchita Patra and the effective guidance of the house moderators Miss Vibha, Miss Nabaneeta Miss Sudha, Miss Suvitha, Miss Priyanka and Miss Varsha the house engages in a healthy competition with the other house in studies, sports and other activities.

Elting house has won the overall championship award thrice in the past and the house members continue getting prizes for academics and other competitions conducted. The house has won the basketball tournament in the junior level category and the football tournament in the junior and senior level categories.

With the blessings and grace of Almighty and with a grateful mind the house leaders, moderators and members work harder each day with the determination to win. Failure motivates them, success makes them confident and they continue to work hard with a heart filled with gratitude. They put in their best to all activities and leaves the rest in God’s hands.


The school house system is an important part of school life. This system aims to promote a healthy competitive spirit among students belonging to different houses. Students develop a sense of leadership, understand the importance of teamwork and develop a feeling of unity by being part of a house with other students.

Providence House has been named after our patroness Mother Mary. Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the symbol of unwavering faith and impeccable purity. Her life exemplifies the virtues of patience and unconditional love. The motto of the house is ‘faith and hope’ and the house colour is blue.

Providence House under the guidance and support of House Moderators – Miss Elsi, Miss Sobitha, Miss Shiva Priya, Miss Jeena and Miss Achu – actively participated in various inter-house competitions organised by the school. The House Captain, Isabel Stephanie and the Vice-Captain Joseph Mathew work together to coordinate the various activities of the House.

Assemblies are conducted every Friday based on selected themes such as strength, respect for differences, perseverance etc., which are carried out by the students under the guidance of the House Moderators. This activity aims to mould students to become responsible leaders.

Providence House excelled in almost all spheres this year and the cooperation and team spirit of the students in all events was highly appreciated. Be it cultural or sports events, students strive to do their best to win laurels and house points. Their creativity and superlative talents contributed to their success.

Providence House bagged the “Winner’s Trophy” for the Girls Basketball Tournament in the Seniors category, Boys Football Tournament in the Juniors category and the Girls Shuttle- Relay in the Sub-Juniors category. They secured the second position in the Boys Football Tournament in the Seniors category and the Boys Shuttle -Relay in the Sub-Juniors category. They also bagged the third position in the Boys Shuttle-Relay Sub-Juniors category in the inter-house sports competitions.

Providence House gives thanks to the Almighty God for His grace and blessings throughout the year and hopes to achieve more in the years to come. We are highly indebted to our Principal, Sr. Prabha for her constant support and guidance.