All for the Greater Honour & Glory of God

Our School History

Notre Dame Academy, Bangalore, is a co-ed ICSE school managed and run by the Sisters of Notre Dame. It is an extension of Sophia High School, Bangalore, and is placed under the patronage of Mary, mother of Jesus. The motto of our school is ‘Truth and Universal Love’.

Our school has a shared vision rooted in Jesus Christ, the master teacher. And this vision is being unfolded through the powerful intercession of Mary, Our Mother, the selfless and committed service of the staff, the timely support and co-operation of the parents and well-wishers

Notre Dame Academy, Choodasandra, was born in the academic year 2005-2006. Within this short span of time, it has given meaningful dedication to spirituality, academic excellence and sports. Our school environment inherently has spirituality as the cornerstone, reliance on the Almighty as the pillar, and prayer as the canopy. With this kind of a robust model, the education system assumes the true nature of a service than anything else.

Family comes as an important aspect for Notre Dame. Students are brought up with a feeling of togetherness, comradeship and compassion. They share a strong sense of belonging to the school which is quite uncommon. Parents too share the belongingness – since they are also entrusted with the upbringing of the school. Every event at school is the coming together of a family. Parents joyfully take time off their busy work schedules to come together to plan, decorate and make other preparations for any event happening at school. By this kind of inclusiveness, the importance of thinking, acting and sharing like a family gets inlayed in the child early on.

The kind of internal and external formation that a child undergoes at the school is another key factor that sets Notre Dame Academy apart. For external formation there is a well fabricated support system through dedicated and dutiful teachers, able administrators and nourishing management. More importantly, the spiritual value-based education system like that in Notre Dame assures the inner formation of a child by virtue of the values, principles and enlightenment that a child needs, to be led in the right path and to boldly face the world.

Ours is a school with a unique character and identity, an institution which will produce children with strong spiritual and moral values. Children who will excel in classroom as well as on the sports field; children with a hunger for success yet gracious in defeat; children who will respect God’s creations and work towards its sustenance; children who appreciate fine arts; children who will leave their mark in whatever they choose to do; children who will grow up to be pillars of our society and work towards the development of our nation.

Education is no substitute for wisdom and insight, for openness and faith. What God puts in the heart is always more important than what the world puts in books. At Notre Dame, children are moulded not to become first in class or better than the others. Rather, to become what God wants them to be. And we believe that is the best and the most ideal individual status that any child could assume when they grow up.

May all those who enter the portals of Notre Dame Academy experience the compassionate love and peace of Christ!