All for the Greater Honour & Glory of God

Our School History


Notre Dame Academy, Bangalore, is a co-ed ICSE school managed and run by the Sisters of Notre Dame. It is an extension of Sophia High School, Bangalore, and is placed under the patronage of Mary, mother of Jesus. The motto of our school is ‘Truth and Universal Love’.



Notre Dame Academy gives tremendous importance to the over all development of the student. Extra-curricular activities are extensively promoted to identify and bring out the hidden talents in students. This young school has been making waves, be it Verbattle, Elympics or karate competitions.

Watch this space for more updates on the achievements by our students.

Campus Tour

Administrative Staff

Teaching and non-teaching staff play a vital role in effectively transferring the vision and principles laid out by the Notre Dame sisters for their educational ministry to the students. Their sincerity and untiring commitment is evident in each student at Notre Dame. Every event the school organizes has an underlying orderliness and grandeur. The whole school operates as one unit under the able guidance of Sr. Manisha, principal of Notre Dame Academy. Trusting solely in God, through the intercession of Mary, the Mother, patroness of Notre Dame institutions, the school is poised to traverse new heights.


Students at Notre Dame Academy surely are a joyful lot. They are in safe hands. The grace that our loving God bestows upon the school, management, staff and students makes them different. The fundamental reliance on God who strengthens, orchestrates and enlivens lives, along with sincere hard work, is the secret behind joy and success that our students experience here.


Our Houses

Notre Dame Academy Bangalore is managed and run by the Sisters of Notre Dame, the same congregation which manages the renowned Sophias School in Bangalore. The sisters of Notre Dame congregation brings with them many years of experience imparting holistic education to students around the world. The students council assists the management in executing the daily tasks.