All for the Greater Honour & Glory of God

Our Students


Students at Notre Dame Academy surely are a joyful lot. They are in safe hands. The grace that our loving God bestows upon the school, management, staff, and students makes them different. The fundamental reliance on God who strengthens, orchestrates, and enlivens lives, along with sincere hard work, is the secret behind the joy and success that our students experience here.

Children at Notre Dame grow in an environment that fosters essential virtues, especially love. The right mentoring techniques adopted by the school management effectively shape the character of each student. Special care and attention are offered to students who need it, not only by the staff but by other students as well. In many ways, the goodness we foster in students becomes tangible daily.

During the commencement of Nursery classes at school, the senior students are entrusted with the responsibility of assisting teachers of Nursery sections, for a few hours a day. They sing to them, dance with them, and accompany them to the playground. It is not an uncommon sight to even find a few of them asleep on the shoulders of these fifth and sixth-grade seniors! A unique, and subtle, yet powerful way of imparting lessons on compassion, care, and concern for others.

Being young at age, children do at times get into fights with their friends at school; but with the right approach and positive guidance, they can realize their mistakes and mend their ways. When children at our school are asked to meet the Principal at the office for any ‘punishable’ offense, Sr. Prabha first listens carefully to what the child has to say. She then makes him/her kneel in front of the picture of Jesus to ask pardon. The child then asks pardon from the person who was hurt, which is followed by a friendly embrace. The children are then sent off to their classes with a bar of chocolate. Yet another unique, but sure way of teaching children to be humble, forgiving, truthful, and compassionate.