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Student Life


Notre Dame Academy is affiliated with the ICSE board allowing for wholesome and balanced education. Students are taught by highly qualified individuals in their respective subjects and are given adequate attention to ensure that his/her complete potential is harnessed. Striving for good academic performance lies at the core of Notre Dame Academy’s principles. To supplement academics, students are given the opportunity to participate in a plethora of extra-curricular activities such as sports, cultural events, and co-curricular activities like science fests and exhibitions. These activities reinforce the fundamental concepts that are taught in class allowing for a better understanding of topics and an enjoyable experience simultaneously.
The campus of Notre Dame Academy is deeply rooted in nature and its elements and because of the open design of the school, students better connect with their natural surroundings. The picturesque beauty of the school, its highly competent faculty, and the multitude of provisions for extra-curricular activities make Notre Dame Academy the perfect school for your child.

Pre- Primary

Nursery, Preparatory, Junior 1

At NOTRE DAME ACADEMY we believe that the early years of a child’s life are the most important – a time of rapid development physical, intellectual, social, and emotional. By the time children come to school they are already successful learners. They have learned many things – to laugh, to cry, to walk, to feed themselves, and most importantly of all, to talk and converse with others.

Pre-primary education is concerned with continuing the balanced overall development of the individual child through learning experiences in both the school and the community. During these learning experiences, the child should observe positive relationships between home and school, parent and teacher. It is through the combined efforts of all those adults that children will be given the maximum opportunities to develop and learn.

The main aim of pre-primary education in our school is to attain optimal perceptual and motor, cognitive, and socio-emotional levels as the basis for readiness for school education and life in society. The starting ground is the uniqueness of the child, active learning, and integration in a group and a collective. The environment in our school facilitates these experiences to help the child prepare and lay a foundation for his/her years of school life.


Class 1, 2 & 3

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” said Neil Armstrong.

Learning at our school is based on the fundamental principles of life; teaching the children to be courageous, confident, disciplined, responsible and loyal. When students step into the primary section, the role of our school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to provide a holistic learning environment where the young ones grow as a creative and passionate lifelong learner. Even as a teacher imparts education; educators constantly endeavour to install moral values and principles so that they grow into responsible citizens of the future.

There is no dearth for co-curricular activities for the Primary school children. Singing, dancing, drawing, story-telling, handwriting competitions are conducted for every class and certificates were given to the winners. Many presentations, projects and art and crafts are done by the children throughout the year. Students participate in many special assemblies and programmes with enthusiasm.

Our little stars grow older and smarter every year and school is a journey we enjoy together.

Upper Primary

Class 4, 5 & 6

At Notre Dame Academy, in middle school years, we focus and ensure the well-being of each of our children as much as we focus on their academics. We ensure that no child of ours is left behind!

The school follows the ICSE curriculum and the students are evaluated based on CCE (Continuous Classroom Evaluation), class tests, mid-term exams, and term exams. Closer supervision and greater support from the teaching faculty are given to the students and their strengths and weaknesses identified and worked upon during the academic year. Apart from curriculum-based teaching, the academic work includes project-based learning by the students, study tours, workshops, exhibitions, and seminars.

Physical and Art Education is given due importance. To foster a healthy competitive spirit and to create a sense of belonging, all students are divided into four houses. Each house has student and teacher representatives. Students have the opportunity to become involved in many literary, cultural, and sports activities. Inter-house competitions are conducted to help our students to build strong friendships and imbibe the value of teamwork and sportsmanship. The winners are appreciated with merit certificates and the best house is awarded a rolling trophy.

Each child is given the opportunity to blossom in a non-judgemental and loving environment that guides them in their pursuit of excellence. We instill a sense of compassion, integrity, and moral rectitude so that our students make their best contribution to society.

High School

Class 7, 8, 9 & 10

In Notre Dame Academy, the high school students are mentored to take leadership roles by representing their houses and the school by organizing many of the events planned across the years in the school.

The high school curriculum is curated to prepare the students for their board exams and to provide a strong foundation for their preparation for the competitive exams in the future. Students are given a value-based education by teaching them the moral values and social responsibility to society from their primary years all the way to the high school level. Outreach programs are conducted to develop a giving mindset and science workshops and art exhibitions are conducted to give the students an opportunity to nurture and manage their budding entrepreneurial skills.

The students are groomed with additional support for curricular and extra-curricular activities wherever required to enhance the strength and overcome their weaknesses. Students are given the guidance and practice to face the board exams by providing optimal inputs and preparatory mock tests at the right time apart from the periodic evaluation tests as part of the curriculum. The school is also certified and approved to conduct board exams within the school as a home center.

Taking into consideration the coronavirus pandemic, the teachers have been equipped with class-leading technologies to enable a smooth transition into the online classroom and take full advantage of the new normal. Web-based meeting solutions have been seamlessly integrated into the curriculum so that the learning process is not hampered, and students can still learn to the best of their abilities.

The right attention is also given to the mental state of the students during these formative years of their education so that they channel their energy and thought in the right direction in their development as righteous citizens of tomorrow.

Indian School Certificate (ISC)

Class 11 & 12

Standing tall among the schools of Bangalore, Notre Dame Academy has had an incredible journey in nurturing academic talent and honing the life skills of every student. At Notre Dame Academy, we aim to inculcate in our students the importance of life-long learning and to instill in them the confidence and sense of achievement that will prepare them for a life ahead of their schooling years. We take pride in our endeavours to impart to our students the right knowledge and values that will help them realise their full potential and scale great heights.

Notre Dame Academy widened its horizon of knowledge and scaled new heights while continuing on the journey of success. Our school received the upgrade affiliation to The Council of Indian School Certificate Examination (CICSE) board on the 26th of March 2020. The launch of the Senior Secondary ISC (Indian School Certificate) for XI and XII standards was a significant milestone in the history of Notre Dame Academy.

ISC-Plus Two Course is a two-year Post-Secondary School Study through the medium of English leading to an examination conducted by the COUNCIL FOR INDIAN SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION, NEW DELHI. The course is recognized as equivalent to the Two Year Pre-University or the Inter-Mediate College Course.

The Indian School Certificate course offers a rigorous academic curriculum that prepares the students for competitive examinations for admissions into professional courses and foreign Universities. The syllabus is well framed to tackle competitive examinations and the highest ranks in IIT/CET/NEET are bagged by ISC students. It provides a platform to explore the global learning system. It also emphasizes students becoming an active problem- solvers with good practical skills.

The CISCE board constantly upgrades/updates the syllabus. Though the standard is quite high, the pass percentage is very good. The students may find the two years of higher secondary studies as sweat and toil, but it will be 4/5 years of leisure during their graduate courses.

At Notre Dame Academy, (ISC) students can opt for any one of the three streams offered by the school. They are:

    • Science
    • Commerce
    • Humanities

Each stream is divided into two parts – Compulsory and Optional subjects. This will equip them with quality learning and in-depth knowledge of the chosen subjects. 

Our school uses modern teaching methods such as ICT-enabled learning techniques with computers, overhead projectors, videos, whiteboards, etc., to make learning more engaging and effective. To tide over the current pandemic or future needs, the school has established a well-balanced pedagogy for online learning. At Notre Dame Academy, academics, extra-curricular activities, life skills, and character formation go hand-in-hand. Notre Dame Academy believes in moulding the future citizens of India with a curriculum that focuses on academic excellence and overall personality development.



School experience is a collection of warm memories which we cherish for the rest of our lives. Our alumni offer valuable networking options and opportunities. It is a chance to give your assistance to your alma mater to help craft the next batch of leaders.
We at Notre Dame Academy look forward to welcoming our former students and hearing about their news and successes.