During the pandemic, almost every task has become online. Be it ordering milk to attending classes, we mostly have a screen in front of us. This is putting tremendous pressure on our eyes which is not healthy. Students on average spend at least five to eight hours for school and tuition classes and a few more for entertainment purposes. This is way past the safe limit of one to two hours.

Excess screen time can lead to the loss of one of student’s prized possessions – sleep. This is short-term insomnia which can also become chronic down the lane. It can also lead to intense neck, thumb, back difficulties and faulty posture. Too many screen hours can also lead to vision problems like eye irritability, blurring of sight and often myopia. Experts say that psychologically it also makes the user more hostile.

When in front of a screen, we blink very scarcely. Blinking moisturizes, cleanses and spreads the requisite nutrients all over the eye’s surface. So blinking rapidly for a minute, helps a lot. Optical exercises can also reduce the stress on the eye. Rotating the eyeball clockwise and then anti-clockwise; practising far and near eye accommodation are a few of these exercises. Only when the eye is healthy, can we see life in all its beauty.

Jewel George Biju
Class 10 B

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