All for the Greater Honour & Glory of God

Our Principal




For all that has been THANKS. The act of giving thanks requires us to acknowledge our blessings, and in so doing, calls us to recognize our duties to create a peaceful, well-governed world. Gratefulness is a sure way to happiness. It is in giving thanks that we recognize our humble place in the order of things: that we are the receivers of remarkable blessings and gifts; and that we are grateful to our benevolent maker. And it is in giving thanks that we see clearly the incredible power of our roles as people who have received so much.

Our life together in Notre Dame Academy especially during the COVID-19 pandemic with a prolonged lockdown, transition from the physical classroom to online has been a mixture of pleasant and challenging experiences, of rich learning and regrets too. I extend accolades of appreciation to all our staff who plunged into the unknown of online teaching and virtual classrooms. Thank you for continuing the learning journey as you are all incredibly dedicated and hardworking. I appreciate your expertise and encouragement of all the students to endure and carry out successfully not just the online classes and exams but also competitions, assemblies, interact club activities, Model United Nations seminars and Parent Teachers Meeting.  You have been instrumental beyond the walls of the school building in connecting with various families who may need additional wraparound and support.  

Heartfelt gratitude also to you, dear parents, for being a vital part of our academic year, when you had to manage between your career, family and children. Thank you and God bless you for understanding, encouraging, appreciating and accommodating the unexpected change. Each one of you has played a beautiful role and contributed your share in building up each other and in helping us carry out our responsibility. We all understand the stressors on our staff, students and families; however, all cooperated with the times to ensure that our school programs were conducted well. 

Dear Students, thank you for your enthusiasm, eagerness and joy with which you attended your classes though you missed the physical classroom. We will ever remember the colourful virtual assemblies, celebrations, competitions, programs of all kinds, the beautiful virtual rendition of school song, exams, home work/project submissions, the insightful daily perspectives in Online Learning and the exciting food drive. I am sure this academic year will remain as one of the historic times in our life.

The pandemic has stressed all of us in every aspect of our daily lives. From an educational perspective, it took away the reassuring custom of a daily physical gathering at school and the comfort that came with that. Suddenly, in its place we had a solitary and sometimes isolated experience. Aside from the serious health concerns of COVID-19, this may have been the biggest challenge of all. All of us faced it with courage and resilience. I am grateful to God for that strength.

The academic year 2020-21 has not been what any of us planned for; It has defied us and offered us new opportunities every single day. Together, we have responded to the best of our ability and in the best interest of our students. I can think of no better example of what it means to be all thanks to God who makes all things happen.

God bless you.

Yours sincerely,

Sr. Prabha, S.N.D
Principal, Notre Dame Academy, Bangalore