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Our Principal




New Normal-New Challenges

At the end of the pandemic, Covid -19 had towed us to a survival mode. The post pandemic survival called for another series of new adjustments. During those initial days we kept gathering information and resources necessary to function at school, at work, at home  and in managing relationships. We were compelled to adapt new routines in order to combat isolation particularly resulting from social distancing. Those  who  learnt from virtual schools which they had never entered (Nursery) and others who availed the virtual classes  had to re-learn, to be at ease in a real class room, with friends and mentors and teachers. The next challenge was/is the hybrid lifestyle; the face-to-face activity and the virtual activity, in schools, at work and  at home.

Adaptation is the key to  a possible productive future.

In the history of the universe and as Darwin’s the  theory of Evolution predicts, we see species with capacity to adapt survives and the others perish.  The capacity to adapt depends on one’s openness to change; taking change as a challenge and not as a threat. Here again, flexibility matters. Creative thinking and a positive attitude will augment flexibility to tide over adverse life situations.

As someone rightly coined, the post pandemic new RRRs  are Resilience, Recovery and Restructuring. Since indications  warn that our uninvited guest, the virus is going to stay for a long time, we each will need to  invent and implement  a new normal. In schools and educational institutions this will need to include provision for health emergencies, hybrid mode of  learning and  working, economic security, infrastructure, equipment, time and training of staff. Physical, mental, spiritual and social wellness programmes must take urgent priority and continue into the future. Combating attention deficiency in children with yoga and meditation,  sessions on inter-personal relationships and providing for increased physical activities can help  bring greater stability in the new normal.

We have grown used to a culture of protective MASKS. Masks are good insulators-intended for insulating us from viruses and pollutants. But masks also  insulate us  from many other aspects. They act as  covers –  hiding  real feelings, emotions, our smile and our pain. They cover expressions of our anger, hatred or of cynicism on our faces. We don’t need to ‘reveal’ our real self.  I am afraid we have grown so comfortable with that culture of cover up that it becomes a challenge  for us to open up and  be ourselves.  So the need for ‘unmasking’ and for wellness programs.

“The illiterate of the 21st  century  will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” Predicted Alvin Toffler the American futurist 50 years ago. The concept of unlearning and relearning has never been more relevant as it is today.

It is the Almighty that designs and designates the future. All we can and must do is yield to God’s plans. This alone will bring us peace and hope for living.

God,  bless us!

Yours sincerely,

Principal, Notre Dame Academy, Bangalore